Peace and Thank You

Hey there!

I wanted to first thank you from the bottom of my heart for returning to read our blog. The words we write are from our heart and the creative side of our brain. We write because we like it and because we were each given a gift of creativity in our own unique way. I feel we have ideas to share, experiences we have learned from, and because we are called to further the Kingdom. I know I am NO expert and don't claim to be a professional, educated interior designer. This is something I enjoy and I believe God gave me a spacial awareness and an eye for decorating homes, events, and spaces. You know that feeling when your waitor is approaching the table with your food and you are so eager to taste it that you all of the sudden feel like you haven't eaten since yesterday? That's how I feel when I scroll through bathrooms on Pinterest or walk through a furniture store. It's like my mouth actually starts salivating and my heart skips a beat. Geez, that sounded sinful. I don't mean I worship new things, because I LOVE making something old, DIY new and bargain shopping. My point is, it's a passion. I deeply enjoy watching a house turn into a home. I love seeing what others do in their home and their amazing ideas.

I must be honest, some weeks I am completely stumped on what to write about. Sometimes it is because I haven't had a new idea or I was so focused on Brooks and Ken and household chores that my creative brain took a rest. Could be I haven't finished what I want to show you. If I am really honest, sometimes it is because I feel insecure about the blog in general. Y'all I am NOT a "look at me and how great my stuff is" kinda person. My true passion is serving others. The reason I like helping women in their homes is because your home is where you spend more than half of your life. It represents you. I want others to see Jesus in mine. I want all to feel welcomed and served at my house. More than that, turning someone's space into a place they adore AND want to love on others is the best part. I DO believe a room with hand-me down furniture can cultivate the relationship, so don't hear me wrong, but staging the room with what you have and buying some things at half off makes a space beautiful, too.

All of that to say, I am learning and growing personally aside from creatively. That's the most important part. This blog has pushed me to Jesus. It has cultivated a relationship with my sister that I have prayed we'd have for 10 years. It is also teaching me a lesson of not worrying what others think of me and only what God thinks of me, a lesson I have needed for WAY too long.

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This week at church, we studied Peace. The series is called Cultivating Character or Fruits of the Spirit. (You can get to the messages by clicking that link.) We started with Love, then Joy, and yesterday was Peace. Finding Peace in your life takes work and is truly up to you. God doesn't give you peace freely, he gave us GRACE freely. He asked us to trust Him. My dad said it plainly in a way I hadn't processed it before: The amount of Peace you feel is the amount of TRUST you have in Christ. Do you trust Him? Do you lay it down? Sometimes in the middle of the day, when my worry seems high, I have trained myself to whisper "Jesus". I just say his name. I don't say his name out of aggression, but thankfulness and the understanding that he is above all.

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P.S. If you want some help including that time to know Him better and read His word, here is a link to a post I wrote called Quiet Times a couple months ago. :)