Three Most Commonly Asked Home Interior Questions

As I sit here eating a huge bowl of spinach salad …HGTV Love it or List It, Too with Jillian Harris is on the TV. Y’all, I really love Jillian’s style…home and clothes. She’s one of my favorite designers. But that’s not the point. 

TOP 3 QUESTIONS clients and friends have asked when I am in their home:


1. I am redoing my master bedroom…where do I begin?

I think many interior designers will say to start with bedding. I don’t necessarily disagree IF you find bedding you are absolutely, positively sold yesterday on. Bedding is one of those things that can be incredibly overwhelming because there is so much to choose from. My advice is find something, really anything, you want to dance in the aisles over. For me, it was an accent pillow, but I have a slight (my husband, Ken, would say major) pillow obsession. So originally, I built my bedroom around it. I have since updated and am no longer using it. I knew I’d be getting a neutral bedding anyways. If you are a pattern queen, it may be smarter to find the bedding of your dreams. I also think knowing what colors you are NOT open to when beginning the search helps. Lastly, Pinterest is your best friend. Find a master on Pinterest you adore and then start finding the bedding that vibes and touches the same way.


2. How do I transition to grays?

Gray has taken over as the perfect neutral and I really LOVE LOVE LOVE gray. I think it can go with any home’s style. However, selecting the right gray for your home is key. As some of you know, grays can come off blue, purple, muddy, green, cold, taupe, the list goes on. Although, ALL of these can be the goal, you just need to figure out what your goal is. 


Many homeowners are wanting to make the transition from builder’s tan to gray. The problem is, the tile and cabinet colors are in the warm, brown, family. My solution would be to use a warm gray or greige OR grayish blue. Below are links and descriptions of my favorite grays. Pinterest is another great place to type in any color and see how others have used it.

Side note: grayish blue is blue with gray undertones while blueish gray is gray with blue undertones. ;) Took me some time to define that one myself. 

My favorite warm grays/greige: 

My Favorite basic gray:

  • Sherwin Williams Light French Gray - This is the best no undertone light gray. It won color of the year for Sherwin Williams in 2016. My entire house is painted in this other than the dining room, laundry room, bathrooms, bonus room, and one wall in my son’s room!

My Favorite blueish gray

3. What are the simplest things to change before talking reno level stuff? 

The ONE thing I notice in everyone’s home is the height of their drapes. My brain is always going and I start processing like this..."wow, if they would raise their curtains 12 inches, this room would feel HUGE!" So, to say it simply, raise your drapes as high as you can without having high-waters OR get new ones and do the ideal, 2 inches below the crown molding. If you have a two story great room or odd window configuration this obviously goes out the window, but this is an easy, yet drastic change. 

Another is DECLUTTER!  Take out the old ivy that used to creep behind the stacked books on your shelf. Make clean lines. Move your furniture and try a new setup. This is always so fun for me! Make it a date night with your husband! It’s super easy to pick up fresh pillows and new lamps that are up to date but still match your home’s style and charm. Target and Marshalls Home Goods have cute stuff at a fantastic price!

Hope these simple tips are helpful to you! Send us a message if you are interested in more tips like this or have a suggestion for us!