Confession: I'm Oily.

Cold and Flu season is no joke. The Flu Virus is showing up in all shapes and sizes. Some people are experiencing the typical cough, sore throat, high fever, chills, and body aches. Then others, like my sweet hubby, lost his appetite, felt tired, and eventually spiked a fever. He only got a fever for 24 hours, though. My sis-in-law is studying to be a PA and she's my go-to medical person. I called to describe Ken's symptoms and she told me they had diagnosed the flu with the symptoms he had. Ken actually isn't a winey sick person. Thankfully, he toughs it out. Even, toughs it out too much, but we won't be discussing that here today. Anyways, I sent him to the doctor right away to be checked. Because we have a one year old, I didn't want to risk over exposing him to the virus without knowing it. Ken's test came back positive. His mom actually had the flu as well,. so he camped out with her for the weekend.

All of that to say, I truly believe my essential oils helped to fight the flu considering it is contagious for quite awhile prior to the onset. I should have caught it. I haven't had the flu shot, but have also read it's only had a 10% success on prevention but huge success on severity! I want to share with you what I did, but also say that I use oils to keep our air clean and keep a basic cold away, too. I use Doterra, but have many friends who use Young Living. I started with Doterra about 2 years ago. If you are buying oils from other retailers, make sure to check that they are 100% pure and contain no additives. 

In the diffuser: On Guard (1 drop) and Lemon (2 drops)

IMG_0200 3.JPG

On guard is a blended oil that smells warm and spicy. It's the immunity booster oil and can be put on the skin, diffused in the air, and ingested directly. This is an oil that can and should be part of your daily routine and a great one just that. I put On Guard on mine and Ken's feet every night and diffuse it regularly with lemon. I especially have it going when we are having company! You can also add it to your dish soap and laundry detergent or even make a hand soap. Doterra sells these products as well. I will put this on Brooks' feet, but I heavily dilute the oil. I follow a 30 to 1 with coconut oil meaning, 30 drops of fractionated coconut oil and 1 drop of On Guard plus I add 2 drops of lavender because it is very gentle.

Lemon adds the citrus, fresh, and clean smell. It's also a natural air purifier. Lemon can aid in supporting respiratory function and mixed with peppermint and lavender aids with allergies.

The diffuser I have in my living room is no longer for sale, but this is the humidifier diffuser combo in our room and my son's room. It would be great in a living room or kitchen, too!

Liquid Flu Shot: Oregano Oil with cold pressed apple cider, lemon and lime juice

IMG_0201 3.JPG

Oregano is immunity boosting and one of the best virus attacking oils, as I like to call it. Studies show it being anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It tastes terrible and burns going down. Not so spicy you can't get rid of it, but it's definitely got a kick and I don't eat spicy food so you can trust my opinion. 

To make the shot I take a small glass like the one pictured to the left. I add about 2 tablespoons of cold pressed, raw apple cider that has no sugars or spices. Seriously just juice from the apples. I use organic citrus juices for the health benefits and the fact that it helps mask the oregano. I always have organic lemon and lime on hand so I put a splash of each into the glass. Then, top it off with one drop of oregano and toss it back!

I wash my hands constantly, wash our hand towels more frequently, and even clean door knobs when I am feeling extra crazy. I really do stay pretty healthy! The couple times my body was showing signs of a cold, I would up my oiling game and take the shot above morning and night (I don't take it on a daily basis). I either ended up not getting it or it would last about 4 days instead of 7-10 day viral "run it's course" misery. Make sure to hydrate, drinking lots of water! You can try adding lemon oil or another citrus oil for flavor while also getting the amazing benefits that accompany them. You can read more on that here! I did an article on just that last week.  If essential oils interest you and you'd like to know more, let me know! I have really enjoyed mine and have many more than mentioned above. I plan to continue sharing how I use them and which ones have helped me with certain symptoms or health concerns.

<3 Aubrey Anderson

P.S. This, by no means is me telling you to or not to get the flu shot. I am not a doctor or a Doterra salesperson. I just like the products, have seen results, and am sharing my experience and what I have learned. It is very important to do your own research!