Five Surprisingly Great Things You'll Find at Costco*

In my opinion, one of the best things in life is finding great products in unusual places for cheap prices. Enter Costco. I just got married this past October and one of our first orders of business was to get a Costco membership. I have loved it. We buy a lot of basics there like chicken, fish, water bottles and sparkling water but those items are not the highlights of my trips there. Take a look below at the 5 surprisingly great things I found at Costco recently and go get them for yourself!

Side note, please forgive the picture quality. I am a new photographer and Costco is definitely not set up for great imagery. I just wanted to make sure that you had pictures to put with the names to make it easier for you to find on your next trip there!

Flowers - Aubrey really turned me on to Costco flowers. They have a great variety at an affordable price. She does a lot of flower arranging and is constantly talking about getting flowers from Costco and Trader Joe’s. The big difference is the amount of flowers you get for the money at Costco. They are a bulk seller even in the floral department. When I was there this week they had 2 dozen roses for $16.99. You can choose a single type of flower or a pre-arranged bouquet. And if that’s not enough, they allow you to order flowers directly from them too. If you have an event coming up that you need a bunch of flowers for keep them in mind! Girl, I’m telling you Costco does not mess around.


Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes (or Makeup Remover Wipes) - I use makeup remover wipes everyday. That might sound a little extra. But if you don’t remove your makeup before washing your face then the other products you use will not have the chance to penetrate the skin. Makeup acts as a barrier. Unfortunately this little tip can become pretty pricey if you’re buying any of the 5-7 dollar 25 packs from the drugstore. Walmart sells a 25 count Neutrogena refill pack for $5.47. To get the same amount of makeup wipes you would get from Costco, you will have to pay more than $30! This box of makeup remover wipes from Costco is $11.99 for a box of 150. These may not be the best makeup remover wipes you have ever used but they are not as dry as some of the ones you will find at places like TJ Maxx either. I love these. I think it’s an amazing deal for a good quality product.


Orvis Men’s Canvas Barn Jacket - This coat has been a huge hit in my family. My husband, Aubrey’s husband and my father-in-law all have one of these. My dad would have one too but my mom lost the one she bought him. (Sorry dad.) This coat was $29.99. Ah! I know! The Classic Barn Coat at the Orvis store is currently on sale for $129, regularly $169. I’m not trying to say that this is the same, exact coat. It's not. I am saying that for the price this is an excellent substitute. It’s the perfect jacket to use for bonfires and camping because it is cheap and decently warm. I honestly wanted one for myself but they did not have any sizes available smaller than a medium. And these run really large, even for a men’s coat. That is my only complaint about this product. Besides that, it’s unbelievable.


Perfect Bars - Both Aubrey and I did Whole 30 before our weddings. I don’t recommend this to everyone but it did help me to retrain the way my brain thinks about food. Before, I always looked at the nutrition facts and tried to stay away from high calorie items. I’m not saying that’s a bad idea, but what Whole 30 taught me was to look for food with ingredients I recognize instead of eating low calorie food full of chemicals. I did not lose any weight on Whole 30 but I did drop down a clothing size during this experience. That being said, these bars are not Whole 30 approved but they are full of ingredients you can feel comfortable with and recognize. There are three different flavors in the box available at Costco, Peanut Butter, Cranberry Crunch and Almond Butter. Cranberry Crunch is my favorite because it tastes like a PB&J. These are gluten free and high in protein, perfect for a quick breakfast or an on-the-go snack. If you like them, buy them in bulk because one of these is about $2 per bar at Publix.


Carole Hochman Lounge Socks - Last, but certainly not least, are these socks. Literally the greatest socks of my life. My feet are always cold. I go to sleep with socks on but never fail to take them off in the middle of the night. Leading to millions of socks at the bottom of our bed. These are the only warm socks I can keep on all night long. They are soft, cushy and come in cute colors. The ones I have were in my Christmas stocking from my in-laws. The next time I was at Costco I bought another pack because I love them that much. Aubrey is obsessed with them too. Take it from a girl that owns a ton of socks, these are the ones you want.

I hope you are on your way to your closest Costco to grab up all of these surprisingly great finds.



*Not a sponsored post but Costco if you’re interested shoot us a note. ;)