Two Simple Ways to a Healthier YOU!

I am a strong believer in making better choices everyday versus going on these crash diets hoping for immediate results. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but crash diets usually don’t last UNLESS you are doing a detox (For example, Whole30 or Daniel Plan) and fully planning to make a consistent change after the cleanse. Whole30 is a really hard option, but Evan and I plan to post a Whole30 survival guide in the near future. Let us know if it is something you would be interested in!! Strict Whole30 is not a lifestyle but it can rock your food world, a.k.a. totally change the way you think about food. If you are not ready to dive head first into a detox, here are two easy ways to start making changes today!

My number one rule: Water. All day, everyday.

I switched to drinking water 95% of the time in college. Not just as a meal drink, as a constant consumption drink. It is important to get half your body weight in ounces of water per day. It flushes your system naturally, keeps you hydrated, and can even prevent you from boredom snacking.


Tricks to drinking water:

  1. Buy a pretty bottle you really like. Sounds silly, but it helps. 

  2. Use a bottle or large cup with a straw. For some reason, straws typically help you drink more without realizing it. I am not a doctor or scientist but I have heard this from many family and friends and it works for me too.

  3. Drink water in various ways: 

  • Cold with ice
  • Room temperature for immediate hydration
  • With lemon

This is is a lot of detail about simply drinking water. Kinda makes me giggle. However, if you are reading this, don’t even pretend that you don’t struggle to get all your ounces OR “you don’t like water”. I will say, when I started this about 7 years ago i had to push through that last 8 oz because I just didn't want anymore, however, I now crave it. Aim to drink 8-16 oz while you are getting ready in the morning or feeding the kids breakfast. Start your day hydrated in stead of playing catch up!!! I sometimes grab an aquafina bottle of water from the garage in between drinking it out of glass or bottle just for an extra surge of hydration. 

 I have grown up in the south and I love tea. I drink a ½ sweet, ½ unsweet glass of tea as a “treat” once a week, occasionally twice. I only drink water, la croix, and coffee on a regular basis. There's some red wine in there, too!

Second lifestyle shift: Pick something you can let go of and not miss!

For me, this is pasta and bread. If you are a pasta lover, like eat it multiple times a week and crave it while you sleep...DO NOT remove it from your meal plans. It will make you sad. Remove sweets or fried food or packaged food. Make a change somewhere and stick to it. Now, does this mean you will never eat pasta again in your life???? NO! Just maybe only once a month in a week you’ve done well or only when you go out for italian. I love french fries. I will NEVER remove them but I only eat them on occasion or when they are from one of my favorite places.

Sweets- I only eat sweets I really really like. I feel it is a waste of calories to eat a piece of cheesecake I only half like. Correct, I do not love cheesecake, sorry Cheesecake Factory. If it is not a favorite, skip dessert. Also, only eat part of it. If i really want a cookie at a party, I break it and only eat half. You wouldn’t believe what making these small changes can do! 

That’s it for now, because it is much better to start small. More to come on how and what we eat as a busy, on the go family!