Five Ways to Wear High Waisted Shorts

I love the look of denim shorts. They send this cool girl vibe that skirts never seem to get across. On me though, denim shorts have always felt too tight, too low or too short. Not anymore! I found an amazing pair of denim shorts that are long enough to cover even a booty like mine. Loose enough so it doesn’t cut off the circulation to my thighs and high enough to come up over my belly button. And they still send that “Oh, these old things?” vibe that I crave. Basically, I feel super cool when I wear these. And I’m not someone who feels super cool on the regular. If you are looking for some denim shorts of your own, check out these at Topshop. They are the best. 

If you’re playing with the idea of wearing high waisted denim shorts, but don’t totally understand what to do with them. Here are five ways I like to wear mine. 

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