Five Ways to Wear High Waisted Shorts

I love the look of denim shorts. They send this cool girl vibe that skirts never seem to get across. On me though, denim shorts have always felt too tight, too low or too short. Not anymore! I found an amazing pair of denim shorts that are long enough to cover even a booty like mine. Loose enough so it doesn’t cut off the circulation to my thighs and high enough to come up over my belly button. And they still send that “Oh, these old things?” vibe that I crave. Basically, I feel super cool when I wear these. And I’m not someone who feels super cool on the regular. If you are looking for some denim shorts of your own, check out these at Topshop. They are the best. 


If you’re playing with the idea of wearing high waisted denim shorts, but don’t totally understand what to do with them. Here are five ways I like to wear mine. 

1. All tucked in with a belt and a little bit of a heel. Belts can dress it up. If you wear a heel, two pointers for you, keep it low, keep it chunky. Ok, actually three, don’t go too skimpy with your top or you could end up looking a little cheap. And we don’t want that do we??

2. Half tuck with a tee. If you’re not sure you want to go full on high waisted denim, the half tuck is for you. I believe I addressed this in my high waisted jeans post. The half tuck lets you dip your toes in without diving in completely. Also, if you don’t want to accentuate your waist/want to hide your tummy, this gives you the trendy, high waisted look in a more flattering way.

3. Knotted tee- again very similar to the half tuck idea, but more customizable height-wise. If I wake up really feeling myself, I’ll tie it a little higher so some midriff will show. (Don’t tell my dad.) If I want to cover up, but I don’t want to do the half tuck I’ll tie it a little lower so my shorts don’t look quite as high rise. 


4. Tucked, no belt. I love this too. I think this is a little more casual and relaxed than tucked with a belt. If I’m tucked with a belt I’m going somewhere. I have a plan for the day besides sitting on the couch and watching real housewives. If I’m tucked with no belt, I may go somewhere. I may just catch up with my friends at Bravo.


5. Like regular waisted shorts. To be honest, this hardly ever happens in my life. I'm pretty sold out for showing off a higher waist. But, you're always welcome to wear your top untucked. I would do this if I had a more peasanty top on because it just does not look great to tuck in a top that was blatantly meant to be left out. How do you know if the top is not meant for tucking? If it has an empire waist, I'd probably leave it out. I find it very disruptive to the eyeline if theres a seam below your boobs and it's tucked in. Could be a personal preference. I have seen some ads tucking in this type of top. Every time I cringe a little. But they have shorts to sell so who can blame them? Just know if I see you out like this on the inside I'm thinking "I really would not have tucked that shirt into those shorts."

Hope this encourages you to make the plunge into high waisted denim shorts if you haven’t already. I did and I will never go back. 


…Well never say never right? I mean know knows what 2022 could bring??


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