Tunic Style

In my opinion, tunics are one of those great fashion inventions. Although I do like fashion, I lean towards comfortable yet still trendy. I know tunics aren't for everyone. My super star sis prefers to keep her tunic selection to a minimal, but I just love them. I do think certain body types wear them better than others and I feel they do suit me, but we will get into that a little later.  Below, I have chosen 3 tunics styled 2 different ways. 

First up: The Dress that Turns Tunic

Extra casual and comfortable

Extra casual and comfortable

Still comfortable, but ready for casual date or coffee out

Still comfortable, but ready for casual date or coffee out

On the left could be moms morning out then, running errands with the kids, chores around the house, and playing on the floor. I feel like it's a small step up from athleisure (which we moms live in quite regularly). While on the right is the same only adding more stylish sandals, a necklace, crochet sweater, and a fun clutch. The "tunic" is really a gray, super soft, and stretchy dress from old navy that i got for like $10 last year. I tie a knot to give it a little shape and make it shorter. 

Outfit Details: DRESS turned TUNIC (similar, not the same) Hardtail Leggings, but wear any that you love, Target Sandals (last Spring), Green sweater is Anthro, but you can find those everywhere, try adding a pop of color!

Next: The Unique Button-down Tunic


This tunic is super unique and can be worn in lots of ways. You could add a vest or sweater and booties. I styled with another pair of comfort (and thick) leggings and rose gold slip ons for a more casual, yet still "dressed" look. I featured the shoes on our instagram here. You could also wear it with white, distressed jeans and sandals for a couple's date night.

Outfit Details: Tunic is from Nordstrom rack (no link), white jeans are Hudson (but I bought from someone else for less), rose gold slip-ons are from Altered State. I have SO loved those things because they are stylish, easy, and VERY comfy. 


I saved the best for last. This is my new favorite tunic. It's a stretchy, slightly thicker material with a dainty little ruffle around the neckline. It also has HUGE pockets. It's the perfect length, too! My super cute mom got it in light blue. I paired it with camo leggings that have light distressing. The leggings aren't your typical as they are more like a "jegging" for lack of a better word, but have the stretchy, jogger-like waistband. I know this is a post on tunics, but these leggings are so much fun, flattering, and AGAIN incredible comfortable. AND camo is in the olive green family...as mentioned before, one of my ALL TIME favorite colors. I show the same outfit in 2 slightly different ways from pointed toe flat and statement necklace to a clog heel and dainty, dressier earrings. I could have also done booties. It's one of those pieces you have to convince yourself NOT to wear.

Outfit: Details: Tunic is INAE Collection purchased locally from B Encouraged House in Simpsonville, SC. Camo Leggings are also from the B House, they had a spring event this weekend! If your local, you should check them out. Other camo legging options: American Eagle (believe it or not) and Spanx. I have heard amazing things about Spanx leggings in general, but it seems their full length camo is out of stock at the moment. Shoes are both not available :(


Lastly, I wanted to briefly mention tunics from the actual standpoint of whether they are for you. I understand that some looks aren't for everyone. I am not the right person to really identify that for you, but I will describe WHY they are for me and maybe that will help you decide, too. I am not super short, but I am below average in height. I am 5' 4" so tunics being a "short dress" is a good thing for my size. My build is a cross between athletic and upside down triangle. Athletic is more rectangular in the center or only a small variation between the female waist and our hips and shoulders. I don't have tiny, feminine waist. I also have muscular thighs and arms. I like my legs and I want to frame them. Tunics do just that for me. I am also an upside down triangle because my hips are narrow and can appear more narrow than my shoulders, but dimension wise are about the same. Tunics are SO comfortable and great for me to run around in, sit on the floor with my little man, and then dress up a bit for something in the evening. If your build isn't quite like mine, you may need a different shape tunic that best flatters you. I will say, if you have a little extra love on your handles, a more structured, A-line, tunic could be a perfect compliment to your body!

As a little side note, fall and winter sweater tunics are nothing short of wonderful. In fact, I probably have more winter tunics than spring/summer since it can get pretty hot here and leggings aren't the best. That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed my little venture into the fashion world. I hope your week is bright and warm.

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