Two Easy Ways to Wear a Black Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits. That word will either strike fear or bring joy into people’s hearts. It can be a tricky thing to pull off. But done right, it is the easiest way to look stylish without feeling like you had to try really hard. I think a black jumpsuit belongs in everyone’s closet. You can dress it up or down by just changing shoes or jewelry! There are so many options out there that can work as your go-to jumpsuit. I’ve got mine on in the photos below, but I’m including some other ones I like as well. I’m also going to give you a super easy way to go from street chic to happy hour in two seconds flat.


My go-to jumpsuit is from H&M. It was on clearance so it was very cheap. It’s probably only worth ten cents because the zipper on this thing is so poorly designed. I try to only wear it if I know I will have someone with me to unzip it if I need to use the bathroom! The zipper is long enough to fall right in the spot between your shoulder blades where no one can reach. And it's flimsy enough that even when I can contort my body just so to unzip it, it won’t stay up to be unzipped! But I wear it all the time! Every time I put it on I feel like a BA. Sure, I look silly asking poor sales ladies at the mall to unzip me if I randomly decide to try something on while wearing it. Yes, I feel ridiculous asking casual acquaintances to come to the bathroom with me if I want to pee. But I do not care! I feel stylish and I am comfortable. All in all it’s worth it to me. Because this jumpsuit has brought so much joy into my closet, I’m going to show you some ways that you can get in on this action too. Below is a list of some great black jumpsuits that will be super versatile.

Asos Wrap Front Jersey Jumpsuit with Short Sleeves (ASOS) - Affordable, simple and classic. The wrap front would make it a more flattering fit.

Asymmetrical Pleat Jumpsuit (Nordstrom) - More expensive but has a super interesting asymmetrical detail to make it more unique.

Short Sleeve Wrap Top Jumpsuit (Nordstrom) - Another one from Nordstrom, short sleeve jumpsuit made of jersey. You know you will want to wear this one all the time.

Jumpsuit with Lacing (H&M) - Business in the front, party in the back for only $50 bucks!

Jacquard Jumpsuit (Nordstrom) - A wide-legged jumpsuit punched up with the detail. Looks so comfortable too!

Contrast Jumpsuit (Macys) - I love the white collar on this! So chic. Can make any accessory more sophisticated.

If you are wondering, what am I supposed to wear with a black jumpsuit? Here are two quick and easy outfits you can try. 


Want to make it a little more dressy? Then try the jumpsuit with stilettos and an awesome statement necklace. I love pointy toed heels because I think they make everything look more modern. I got these from somewhere like DSW or Off Broadway. I could not find the exact ones I have on, but these are super similar. Also, the necklace I am wearing is Stella and Dot. If you have never seen Stella and Dot jewelry before…girl, hurry up and take a look. Their stuff is GORGEOUS! Definitely pricier, but such fantastic quality. One of the main reasons I’m a fan is because I can wear their products without having allergic reactions. I tend to buy inexpensive necklaces that have leather cords or beads so I don’t have to spend a lot of money to not be itchy. But I can wear these all day and not be bothered! I have several of their pieces and I love them all. It may not be worth it to you it you are not allergic, but it definitely is to me! 


Thinking you are more of a casual jumpsuit kind of girl? Try a black jumpsuit with some cute tennis shoes. Nikes are in girl, embrace it! You don’t have to even wear jewelry to look like you put some effort into how you looked that day! Please also notice this coat. I got it from JCREW and if you need a coat, this one is worth taking a look at!

Well, I hope you’re busy plotting all the ways you can wear your jumpsuit. If you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for?


By Evan Barrett