High Waisted Jeans Changed My Life

You may not have noticed this about me yet, with the blog being brand new, but I have a donk. Like, really. And definitely before the Kardashian era when having a big butt was suddenly a fashion statement. So I experienced several embarrassing moments when my crack showed to some people I would have preferred not to have seen it. 

Enter high waisted jeans…I still remember my first pair like it was yesterday. I was writing an article for a website while living in Nashville called Nashville Fashion Events. My assignment was to go to a denim event at a local boutique where they were giving away a free pair of jeans in a drawing. I was supposed to try on some jeans and talk about them. The girl I interviewed recommended I try on this pair of high waisted J Brand jeans. She said these things hold in your stomach so I was pretty much sold already. I put them on and fell in love instantly. This was at a time when I could not have afforded a $40 pair of jeans from Old Navy much less a $200 pair of J Brand jeans. As I filled out my drawing entry I said a quick prayer and tossed it in. The next day I got a missed call from the boutique and my heart started beating faster, the message said I had actually won. After work, I couldn’t get to that store fast enough to pick up those jeans. 

Five years later, high waisted jeans are still my main squeeze. The pair I am wearing in this post is my current favorite, but they are pricey! There are a ton of brands out there making high waisted jeans right now; you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good pair. (But if you do want to spend an arm and a leg, may I suggest these Paige jeans?) Old Navy has very reasonably priced high waisted denim. I have several pairs from them. J.Crew has fantastic ones but they are slightly less reasonable. I've also gotten a pair from Gap I like a lot. I've linked some solid options in the brand names. These are not the ones I've worn, but these brands have great return policies so it's worth trying if you're interested!

I love high waisted jeans as a fashion statement, or if you just want to make sure your butt crack doesn’t peek out without your notice. What other jean rise can make an outfit look so much more elevated by just tucking your top in? If you’ve never worn high waisted jeans stop reading this immediately and go buy some. Trust me, you won't regret it.