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Powder Room Remodel or is it Reno?

I ask that question because let's face it, the word "renovation" has to be one of Google and Pinterest's top hit words. And yes, I am a huge sucker for before and afters myself. I mean it's what I love to do...make someone's house prettier, warmer, more up to date, while still maintaining timeless and it still being home. Anyways, the point is that we bought an older home that needed lots of love. Not the gut job level, but lots of updating. I was excited about this big and personal project. I cherish the memories made in our home and I am filled up by loving on others here. 


Five Ways to Wear Denim Shorts

If you’re playing with the idea of wearing high waisted denim shorts, but don’t totally understand what to do with them. Here are five ways I like to wear mine.