The $5 Eyeshadow Palette with a Cult Following That You May Have Never Heard Of!

Wow, that was a long title for this post. But it got your attention right? And it's the truth! I think I've mentioned before that I am obsessed with Youtube. I have learned the majority of what I know about makeup from the makeup wizards on Youtube that can create the perfect cut crease faster than most people can put on chapstick. Maybe I'll do a blog post on my favorite Youtubers sometime. Let me know if you're interested in that! Anyways, while watching Youtube in the beginning of my Youtube love affair, the girl I was watching brought up the Wet and Wild Comfort Zone palette. I know I must have passed by the Wet and Wild stand at CVS a thousand times without even looking at their makeup. Since then, I've heard many more people talk about this palette and how great it is. Thank goodness for Youtube. I may have never discovered my affection for Wet and Wild. 


Because of how much people loved with the original Comfort Zone palette in their Color Icon collection, Wet and Wild decided to reformulate and make more Color Icon eyeshadow palettes in 2017. I bought three of the four to let you know whether or not they are worth the giant Starbucks drink that you could buy with that $5 instead. I did not buy the fourth palette because it is a dupe of a high end palette I already own. If you're curious which one that is, I'm including that below as well. 


The good news is that the new Comfort Zone palette is great. Most people that owned the original formulation of the palette cannot tell a big difference between this one and the new one. These shadows are pigmented and stay on throughout the day much better than most, maybe any, other drugstore palettes I've purchased. The mattes are especially impressive. I love that they included two transition shades in larger pan sizes and labeled them for these. One other great pro for these shadows is their staying power! Girl, these stay on all day long! I'm shocked how well they last on the eye. I've been using these palettes for a couple of weeks so far and I cannot put them down! Even my high end palettes have been ignored in favor of these. 


Typically when using one of these Color Icon palettes, I put the lighter transition color in my crease  and blend it the furthest out toward my brow bone. Remember the instagram video I did for Easy, Everyday Makeup? Similar to that. Then I'll take the darker color and either use it to darken my outer v or use it as a transition shade that is not blended as far out as the light transition. (Doing this gives your crease more depth.) Then, you have your pick of colors for your lid. The best way to make sure the color stands out on the lid is to pack it on using a flatter brush with bristles that are closer together. Once my lid color is in place, I blend the edges again with the transition color to make sure their are no sharp edges. 

Where this palette falls slightly short has to be the shimmers. They are not quite as shiny as I tend to prefer. I like mine to be really bold. I don't think it's a huge problem though, because a little setting spray would likely brighten them right up. I have been using the shimmers dry so far and I do still like them even if they are not shining as much as I wish they would. For $5 I can't say I am really bothered by the quality of the shimmer shadows. Some are better than others. 


Not a Basic Peach is the second palette I bought from the Color Icon collection and it is also surprisingly good. Don't be intimidated by the color choices on this one. The warm tones are much more flattering than you would think.


The last of the three I purchased is Nude Awakening. My main issue with this one is the color selection. Why does anyone I need such similar colors? I also think it does not stay on quite as long as the others. This palette has gotten the worst reviews of the bunch from others as well. I have used it a few times and still think it is worth the money if you love even a couple of the colors in here. But you're getting closer to what you're paying for with this one. 

The last one, Rose in the Air, is a definite dupe for the Modern Renaissance palette that I mentioned in this previous post. I have not used it yet so I did some research to make sure people were liking this one as much as the others. It's getting really good reviews! If you have had an inkling to try the Modern Renaissance, but you're still not 100% sure you want to spend $42 on it, I would give this one a try first. 

Overall, I am a huge fan of these palettes. There are few cons for them. They do have some fallout when you dip your brush into them. They may not have quite as pigmented of shimmers. And the blending does take slightly longer for some of the colors more than others. But for $5 you are getting 10 shadows that are beautiful and most last the full day with you. The mattes' pigmentation is especially impressive for this price. Let me know if you try them out! I want to know what you think!


*Don't buy these at CVS unless you have coupons, I think I paid $7 but they are $5 on the Wet and Wild website!