How to Have Big Texas Hair, If That's Your Thing

I wish I could remember exactly when I decided I wanted "full" hair. I don't but this girl loves big hair. I don't mean like bump it style, I'd like to think just tastefully full. 


This is the thing...I don't use tons of product AT ALL. I hope that isn't disappointing. I truly beleive it is mastering the drying technique, a light tease, and a great hairspray. I have made sure to include products I have used and like at different price points. 


Let's be honest this step is only 2-3 times a week, but still. The problem with giving shampoo advice is that we all have different hair types. I can't tell someone with course, curly hair the best shampoo because that's not the hair type I have. It is important that you don't use the same shampoo and conditioner set for longer than 9-12 months. You need to mix it up for 30-60 days if you want to stick with your go-to favorite. This is a good time to try something new!  

My favorites: OGXBeauty Counter Daily, and Pureology

I very much pay attention to ingredients and care about the chemical I am putting in my body. I am not 100% dangerous chemical free, but I make better choices everywhere I can, including our home, detergents, cosmetics, all of it! Beauty Counter is an amazing company with so many great products that steer clear of harmful ingredients. It is pricier (middle level here), so I pick and choose or ask for them as birthday/Christmas gifts from family! Pureology is expensive but it's really great stuff. I don't think OGX is necessarily the chemical light product but I have used it and it's a drugstore option I like!

2. DRY

I think that this plays a large part in the fullness. I can't guarantee these tricks will work on all hair types, but I have done lots of friends' hair and it's gotten us results. Anyways, brush you hair while wet and create your basic part. Then, flip your head over and blow dry your hair upside down, stopping halfway to brush and shape. Then, start again. If you can round brush your hair, this is when I will round brush around my face and at the crown. Even if my hair is mostly dry, I will finish by round brushing near my face. If you have no clue what I am talking about with round brushing, youtube is your friend. You can also ask your hairstylist at your next appointment to teach you!


Favorite Tools: Conair Infiniti Pro Orange or Bio Ionic Powerlight 

I used the Conair for years and really liked it but wanted the fancy one for my birthday on year and have now had it for 5 years. It is still going strong. It is so powerful, yet quiet.


On days when I am curling my hair, I always do that next. The clip on your curling iron should be facing towards the front and you should see the clip in the mirror when you start, which would in turn, have you curling your hair away from your face. I usually curl in layers. I curl all of my hair, then; tease, brush, and spray.


Tool: Hot Tools 1 inch Curling Iron, Teasing brush

BONUS: See that precious little hair tie? I am OBSESSED with these. They work so well, look cute in your hair, and much better on your wrist. They are called teleties and they are life changers (on small scale, duh)


I just did a teasing tutorial on our Instagram story this past weekend. It is now on our highlights inside the beauty tab of our Instagram. You can click here to reach our page. I am 90% sure you can only watch highlights through the app on your phone and not on the desktop version of Instagram. However, for a quick, written tutorial, you pick up the layers at the crown, take your brush and brush toward your head on the back side of your hair. Then, you spray. Repeat all around. Next, lightly brushing it down and into place. You finish with hairspray ONLY ON TOP of your head. I don't recommend spraying all over with a strong hold. You want flowy and soft hair, not stiff and boring hair. This is where my 3rd hairspray comes into play that I don't use often. 


Product: Moroccan Oil Luminous Medium Hairspray - I use this after teasing or for light hold. Kenra Platinum - It is by far the best hold, yet natural and not crunchy. I have used Kenra for 8 years and it's my old faithful. The third one, in which I am slightly embarrassed to admit I have, is Fave4 Texture Takeover. I really like this spray and I use it to spray my curls. It's kinda an all over texture spray that keeps your style in place with out stiffening. In short, i only use it on curly and wavy hair days. Usually. 


I would say my hair is "dirty" more often than it is clean. Dirty hair is a relative term these days. It's not greasy and gross, just not freshly washed and dried. Anyways, on these days I wear a half-up top bun, a classic ponytail, or a low, full bun. I still tease and spray and sometimes pin with some bobby pins. And y'all had to know it was coming and yes I am writing this in all caps because I am yelling...DRY SHAMPOO IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Depending on what I am doing to my hair or how many days it has been, but all factors aside, it's a fabulous invention. Because of my hair type, I am not someone that absolutely has to use it by evening of the day I washed my hair or even the next morning, but those of you that have oily hair, it's the bomb. Here are examples below of my dirty hair day styles.

I hope you have enjoyed this little hair tips and tutorial. If you have any amazing products or tools you use, send us an email or comment on Instagram! I always love hearing and learning about them!! Have a great week!