Evan Barrett

(written by Aubrey)

Evan recently married one of the best men I have ever met, Andrew Barrett. He was The Lord’s provision for her and a gift to our family. She lives in Greenville, SC and is 5’ 7”. I wanted to tell you that first because I think it helps you place her. Now on with the details…

When I think of Evan, I instantly see a cloak wearing, dark hair, dark lip lady I adore. Evan is deeply loved by her friends and family. She is creative, courageous, and kind. Evan is strong on her beliefs and opinions and she states them with wide eyes. She’s loved art since I can remember, sing along movies and coloring books. She has ALWAYS been a fashionista. She was determined at 2 and a 1/2 to wear the prettiest Christmas dress to come meet me at the hospital in the Spring. She decided overalls were the best thing since sliced bread in middle school and she wore them. everyday. She wore chokers before they were cool and always challenged the fashion rules, including our dad’s. I think it was around her senior year of high school when she started watching videos on makeup application and became obsessed to the newest product on the market…still is. Sorry Andrew, we all have our thing, I guess. Evan has this sly, sweet sense of humor that makes me laugh. I feel I get her jokes the best. I love her dry comments. I’ve been asking Evan, “what should I wear with this?” since I was 13 and now I will lend her to you for styling help! I am honored to do so.

P.S. I am the sentimental of the two so I have tears in my eyes just writing about her. She’s awesome.